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Natalie Gochnour on the Economy

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Just found this video on the GOED site. Natalie Gochnour shares some basic information on what makes the economy grow. Thought you might find it interesting.

Banking on Women

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NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS for the Banking on Women™ Spring 2014 course!

Banking on Women ™ is a comprehensive program that provides women entrepreneurs with the training, mentoring and microloans to build their businesses. This program is designed to give you the right combination of support you will need to succeed. If admitted into the Banking on Women™ program, you will: 

 • Participate in a 15-week hands-on business fundamentals training;

 • Engage in mentoring opportunities with GE Capital Volunteers;

 • Access microenterprise loans through the Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund and

 • Attend special events with program participants and partners.

Class starts on April 10, 2014. The deadline to apply is March 10, 2014 and only 15 lucky women will be selected to participate. Apply on line at:

This program is FREE to committed participants!

Banking on Women(TM) is a partnership with GE Capital, Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund and Westminster College Center for Entrepreneurship.

“I liked the class a great deal. I liked the step by step approach through the basics of starting a biz each week because after 4 years I had not rethought many of the basic questions (market, purpose, goals, revenue potential, demographics, etc.), the speakers, the ability to work with the instructor one on one and my GE Capital mentor.” 

HEAR what one participant had to say about the program:

Salt Lake City in the Running for Google Fiber

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Utah’s capital city could be among the next metropolitan areas to enter the Google Fiber era, joining Provo and two others that have the service. 

Mayor Ralph Becker announced Wednesday that Salt Lake City is one of nine cities across the country under consideration for installation of Google Fiber, which uses a fiber-optic network that provides Web access at speeds that are up to 100 times faster than basic broadband, as well as TV service.  

The company will work with Salt Lake City leaders during the next six to nine months to map out a Google Fiber network in detail and to assess any unique local challenges, said Michael Slinger, Google Fiber director of business operations.


Solar Power Project Takes Another Step Forward

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FILLMORE — A conditional-use permit outlining operational requirements for what would be Utah's first utility-scale commercial solar field was issued Tuesday to a Provo-based company.

Energy Capital Group received a go-ahead endorsement by the Millard County Commission for its 300-megawatt solar project called ECG Utah Solar 1.

"Energy Capital Group is very pleased to have another project milestone achieved," said Josh Case, Energy Capital Group's chief executive officer. "ECG looks forward to deepening our relationship with Millard County as the project continues to progress."


Lights, Camera, Action: Utah's Economy and the Sundance Film Festival

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 As festivals and sporting events go, few are tied to a city or a state as closely as the Sundance Film Festival is associated with Park City and Utah.

"People talk, almost in every breath, about our marketplace when they talk about the Sundance Film Festival," says Mike Lawson, president of Commerce Real Estate Solutions. "I would challenge you to name three other events anywhere in the country that provide the same visibility that a single, two-week event like the Sundance Film Festival provides Utah."

It's been said that the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics introduced the world to Utah. Perhaps every January the Sundance Film Festival makes a reintroduction and an invitation: World, come to Utah. The full impact of that annual reintroduction is significant. Over the last five years, the Sundance Film Festival has brought Utah more than $375.6 million in economic activity, $21.9 million in tax revenue, supported more than 8,224 jobs and attracted more than 219,987 festival attendees, according to the Sundance Institute. Over the last decade, the festival has generated in excess of $500 million in economic activity for Utah. It is the state's largest annual international event, bolstering tourism and attracting worldwide media attention.


Lawmakers Looking to Gain Control of Public Lands

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Utah House Republicans are going to get serious about taking back federal lands in the state.

And with the move we may be seeing a “stepping out” of a group of House Republicans under the leadership of Majority Leader Brad Dee, R-Washington Terrace.

In the first official caucus meeting of the 2014 Legislature, Dee lead a discussion Tuesday aimed at “collating” and “combining” a number of bills this session that deal with the state’s attempt to take control of millions of acres of land now owned and managed by the federal government.

These include Bureau of Land Management parcels, national parks and national forests.

“We are a public land state,” said Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, a long-time fighter against the BLM.


GOED Approves New Incentives

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The Governor's Office of Economic Development announced approval of two new tax incentives that could result in more than 1,200 new jobs.

At the latest board meeting, GOED said Salt Lake City-based Varian Medical Systems is expanding its existing Salt Lake operation, a move that Varian estimates will lead to the creation of 1,000 new full-time jobs over the next 15 years.

Varian is a manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy and brachytherapy. The company is also a supplier of X-ray tubes and digital image detectors for X-ray imaging in medical, scientific and industrial applications, as well as X-ray imaging products for cargo screening and industrial inspection.

“Varian’s X-ray technology manufacturing operations have been part of the Utah economy since the early 1940s,” said Dow Wilson, Varian’s CEO. “Today, some 70 percent of the orders for our X-ray products come from customers outside the U.S., making us one of Utah’s largest exporters.”

The expansion of the Utah facility will add 120,000 square feet to the existing 341,000-square-foot building. Varian expects to make an estimated capital investment of $40 million for new construction at the site.


2014 Membership Drive

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By now, you should all have received our membership packet. Please pay attention to the prices. Membership has not changed this year but Non-Members will see an increase. Non-Members will now pay $75 to attend each meeting. 

ALSO…..If your membership is not paid by the Winter Meeting planned for January 15th, 2014 you will need to pay the non-member price for that meeting of $75. 

Please watch for an email this week about registration for Winter Meeting that is being held the same week as “What’s Up Down South”.  

To sign up for your 2014 membership, go here.

Cooperation, Coordination and Communication: The Three C's

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If you missed today's meeting in Davis County, here are the buzz words from the great presentations:

Cooperation: Whether it's a transportation project, land development, incentives or site visits, it is important that we learn to work with each other. Sharing ideas and listening to different points of view is paramount to a project's success. And it is important that we all understand what's at stake.

Coordination: Really, economic development is everyone's business. Utah is the most diversified state in the nation. This diversification comes from the fact that we understand that transportation and energy industries are as important as technology industries. We can't lure companies here or entice our local companies to create jobs if we don't have a great infrastructure. Utility companies, financial institutions, real estate companies, government entities need to make the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Communication: Lastly, we need to be talking to each other. We can't expect success in our economic development efforts unless we share information and try to solve our differences through some give and take.