GOED Asking for Input on Tanner LLC Review of Incentive Programs

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Financial incentives are provided by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development for business relocation and expansion.  These incentives are used to select companies that create new, high-paying jobs that help improve the standard of living, diversify the state economy, increase the tax base, attract and retain top-level management, and encourage graduates of in-state universities to remain in Utah. 

Recently, GOED's incentive program was audited by the State Auditor and also by an independent review team, Tanner LLC. GOED would like you to read the Tanner review and share your feedback with GOED officials. The report can be found here.

Utah Tops Business Facilities Magazine List

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While North Dakota must figure out a way to address its workforce availability issues in order to fully realize its economic growth potential, Utah has no such problem. With the fastest growing population in the U.S. and a highly regarded educational system, the Beehive State claims the top spot in our flagship Economic Growth Potential category.

When Gov. Gary Herbert took office in 2009 (replacing Jon Huntsman, who was named U.S. ambassador to China by President Obama), he set a daunting goal of making Utah the number one performing economy in America and the premier global business destination.