Disaster Preparedness Webinars

IEDC has put together a series of webinars designed to help communities with disaster preparedness and Economic Recovery. I don't know about you, but every night when I turn on the news there seems to be one more natural disaster hitting somewhere. Since we all serve as a community leader, it might be a good idea, to check out these webinars and take advantage of the training and insight they may provide.

To view the topics and times, go to the IEDC website.

Commute Times

Several years ago when my daughter and her new husband were looking for a place to live, they found a great low-cost, brand-new apartment west of Daybreak in Salt Lake County. She was working downtown at a law firm and had to make that drive every morning. I told her that she would hate the commute driving into town every day. Of course, she knew better and told me that it really didn't take that long to get into town. I shut my mouth and helped them move into their new place.

Six months later, they informed us that they were moving to a more expensive, rental house in the 9th South 9th East area. What changed? "I hated making that drive everyday." Hmmm. Never tell them I told you so.

So when Tami sent me this link on commute times, I thought I would post it here. When you or your kids are wondering how long it takes to get someplace, send them this link.


You're welcome!

GOED's Strategic Plan

The Governor's Office of Economic Development has recently released their Strategic Plan for 2016-2020. If you are interested in learning about their goals and objectives, visit this page.